Feasibility study


Do you recognize yourself in the following statements?

Strong growth or downsizing means that demand for support functions is changing out of step with the rest of the organization. This applies in particular to Finance, HR and IT departments.

Many companies are lagging behind with upgrades of ERP systems.

System solutions start to feel outdated. It will be expensive to develop new features and customize the system further because the version is getting old.


Work in the finance department is based on old and outdated routines, which means that the efficiency is low. Investment in new technology has been given lower priority the last few years.


PS Provider supports organizations in deciding a possible sourcing decision. This means among other things:


  • Comparison of internal cost and efficiency against external sourcing options.
  • Develop various courses of action.
  • Create a strategy and plan the way forward after the decision.
  • What effects one would expect of a sourcing decision.