Strategic development

 It has become increasingly popular that companies and organizations have establish a common function, Shared Service Center SSC, for part of its support functions. Many of these organizations have not quite lived up to the expectations that existed. Others feel ready to take the next step. PS Provider supports organizations in the development of existing service units to ensure that they increase their efficiency, achieve their goals, and provides scalability in a business expansion. Based on an analysis of the organization's status and level of maturity, we focus together with the client in the areas that have the greatest potential for improvement.


The basis for a successful SSC is that it is driven by market conditions which will result in efficiency and quality improvements. SSCs are complex organizations, particularly because they produce and deliver advanced services and often have a relatively large number of customers and counter parties. There is also a demanding network of stakeholders (eg corporate finance and services) that places requirements on the business. In order to meet the original objectives of the SSC, initiatives often require a thorough internal control and ? a clear governance structure ie a good model for control of the customer relationship.


The enabler for the successful management control of the SSC is to have good control and knowledge of the tools /components that affect the internal and external efficiency.


  • Operating Model - mission, goals, vision
  • Organizational Design - organizational model, process and customer orientation
  • Roles and responsibilities internal / external - services, Price model, SLA
  • Tools - governance, time tracking