Governance och steering models


One decisive factor for a successful operation of a Shared Service Centre is that operations are conducted with a clear customer and supplier relationship that is based on mutual trust, clarity of responsibilities and roles between customer and supplier and transparency in services and their execution.


Trust between a SSC and a customer is difficult to create without clear operational control principles, a uniform range of services and well-defined Service Level Agreements, SLA. When a shortage of trust evolves many central offices or SSC solve this by taking over the additional services that are not standardized and can not necessarily be standardized. When the results are measured against the business case and demands for efficiency come, it is often difficult to realize improvements and to respond to initial estimates.


PS Provider's experience shows that the introduction of a governance structure is an essential part of developing, stabilizing and operating a successful SSC organization. A well-developed governance model defines how decisions are taken regarding i.e: scope of work, composition of services, managing customer relationships and operational control model to ensure an efficient delivery. The governance model will focus on both the strategic and operational parts of the SSC model. From the strategic perspective, its role is to ensure that the SSCs business is in line with overall company vision, goals and strategy, and other guiding principles. From an operational perspective you create a structure for roles and responsibilities, customer relationship management, monitoring of service delivery, and work on continuous improvement.



A SSC operates within a complex network with a large number of stakeholders and performs advanced services of varying nature. To win the customers' trust and deliver the services effectively, it is necessary to establish and clarify responsibilities, escalation principles, decision makers and contact forums.


By partnering with PS Provider, you can use our methods and many years of experience to significantly speed up establishing a world-class SSC. The result is that your customers feel a high level of trust in the SSC and are satisfied with the deliveries.