Process mapping


The basis for all process development and improvement is to understand the existing flows and processes in the business. By describing the processes, ie how to work from "endtoend" without the constraints of operational or organizational divisions, visibility of all workflows, its potential problems and shortcomings, and in addition, a number of suggestions for changes and improvements developed during the mapping process. The following effects are achieved during the mapping:

  • Coherence and transparency over the entire flow "end2end"
  • A clear picture of the roles and responsibilities and visibility of the interface and interaction between organizational units
  • Visualize the value-creating flows and identify bottlenecks and unnecessary work
  • Proposal for better resources, greater control, higher efficiency, better investment
  • Measures to achieve higher quality and fewer errors

Mapping of processes can have a variety of different purposes and it is important that before starting, define carefully what work it is to be used for. Additionally, there are a number of questions to answer and pitfalls to avoid:

  • Why do we do the mapping?
  • What should the results be used for?
  • Who should participate in the mapping and the subsequent analysis?
  • How do we determine where a process starts and where it ends?
  • Where do we start? Overall or with different workflows?
  • How do we avoid the mapping to get stuck in details?
  • How do we secure process maps in the organization?
  • How do we ensure that there will not be another "one-off project" without the knowledge and methods of assessment and continuous improvement are transferred to the organization?

When PS Provider supports organizations we cover all areas involved in a change process, from mapping of current practice to the analysis and improvement of processes. We also believe that a broad anchoring in the business is essential for a successful outcome.

PS Provider has more than 20 years experience in process mapping and we have helped over a hundred organizations in all industries and sizes to identify and map the processes in an efficient manner. Our experienced consultants work with a modern and proven method that ensures useful process maps with the right structure and detail. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to guarantee a successful process mapping project.