Benchmarking and measurements


Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following statements?


  • You and your staff feel that you only use a fraction of the ERP system's features and possibilities.
  • As a result of chronic lack of time, you have not been able to optimize your administrative processes, which has resulted in you handling almost all cases (whether high or low volume, complex or simple) in a similar way.
  • There is an unclear relationship between the services that your support functions deliver and the expectations that the other organizations have. They often place excessive and wrong demands on you as an internal supplier.
  • Because of the constant lack of resources, you still have not had time to document and assure the quality of your processes and routines and are thus sensitive to loss of key personnel.


PS Provider's benchmarking service helps you to:


  • Take a comprehensive approach to governance, organization, processes and systems for administration and reducing the internal resources required.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities for automation that your ERP system offers.
  • Provide your internal customers with a better service through distinct roles for you as an internal supplier and the existing organization.