Procurement of ERP systems


Why do most companies and organizations feel a great concern about the procurement of a new ERP, Finance or HR system? Some of the questions that customers frequently ask us as advisors are:


  • How much money and resources, the project will consume?
  • How large disturbances, the project will result in the business?
  • Which are the best shortcuts to success?


There is a natural imbalance in the relationship with the ERP vendor in a variety of areas. When it comes to "normal" purchases for operating activities you as a customer, as a rule, have at least as good knowledge of what is to be purchased as the vendor. When it comes to ERP systems, it is neither possible, nor appropriate, to have the same level of competence, since a change of ERP system takes place very seldom.


Another type of imbalance is that you as a customer know and understand your business and its problems significantly better than the ERP system vendor. As a customer you are not always good at describing this in a way so that the ERP vendor understands and can come up with the optimal solutions.


Overall, this means that it is difficult to know how large the internal and external costs will be in the end.


By partering with PS Provider, you can use our methods and many years of experience and make sure that:


  • The Relationship with ERP system vendor - That the contract (including the number of licenses and consultancy time) and project plans are reasonable and correspond to what your organization requires.
  • Technology, Infrastructure and Integration - To critically evaluate the ERP system vendor's estimates in terms of technology, infrastructure and the need for integration.
  • Internal and external resources used - That the internal and external resources used are correct and follow the confirmed plan