Customized contracts ERP systems


Why is the contract not an extension of the supplier's sales presentation? How is it that the draft contract always comes from the vendor? Why is the contract essentially so vendor-friendly?


Implementing a new ERP system is a large and complex business that is not done particularly often. During the procurement process, the customer must be able to evaluate and ultimately agree on three distinct parts:


  • the system and its capacity needs to be assessed against operational requirements and needs.
  • the implementation project should be evaluated together with the vendor and the customer's ability to carry out the project in a satisfactory manner.
  • the future relationship regarding support & maintenance should be evaluated.


The complexity of the contract means that customers find it difficult to come up with ideas and suggestions concerning the contract design. Instead, it is assumed that the vendor standard is used, which is essentially too vendor friendly. There is a risk that you refrain from making demands on specifications and project plans for the purpose of the project in order to get under way as soon as possible.



As an independent advisor PS Provider helps you to negotiate favorable terms and competitive rates. We ensure that you receive a beneficial main, support and maintenance contract. In order for your company to receive the best possible terms PS Provider bases the contract from our own customized contract templates.