Analysis / Feasibility study


A lot of companies have fallen behind in upgrading their ERP systems. System solutions are starting to feel outdated. Companies will no longer invest in developing new features or customizing the system further because the version is getting old.


Companies doubt whether the system is really the correct one for the business in the long term. Processes and important business flows have changed which, together with the consolidation of ERP vendors, has meant that many companies may no longer be within the supplier's most prioritized segments.

Questions that you need to have answered are listed below.


  • Do the systems support natural operational flows, processes and procedures?
  • Are output data satisfactory and of sufficiently high quality that you will be able to make correct decisions?
  • Is the total cost of your system ownership - including ongoing support, upgrades and maintenance - competitive?


What are the solutions to the above situation?


Are you going to upgrade, replace critical systems or even replace the entire ERP system? Or shall you remain in the existing environment and only upgrade the user interface? The questions are many, yet very essential. PS Provider will help you as an independent advisor to find the right way in this complex situation.