Our Services


Within the service Development of Support Processes, PS Provider assists clints with methodological support and project management for the development and rationalization of larger finance functions. This also applies to improvements to your administrative processes.


As an independent advisor, PS Provider helps you with the procurement and implementation of ERP systems. Among other things we conduct analyses and create a decision support before an impending system change. When there is need for external project management and upgrading of the ERP system we also assist you with that. PS Provider has a deep and broad knowledge of the development and renewal of ERP systems, support and maintenance contracts.


Sourcing Advisory means that PS Provider supports you in the process of outsourcing all or part of your Finance, HR and IT functions. Our services include the creation of decision support, selection and procurement of sourcing providers, creation of Service Level Agreements (SLA) and development of customized contracts with providers of outsourcing services.