The establishment of a shared services function for a larger Swedish County Administrative Board


PS Provider has been involved throughout the project, establishing a shared service function for finance and HR in one of the largest counties in Sweden. Our work started in the feasibility / design phase, where we among other things established an organization and forms of cooperation, documented processes, developed a service catalogue, created SLAs, structures for measurement, control and monitoring, and specifically prepared the organization for the transition. Thereafter we were the operational support to the business unit director throughout the implementation phase. This part involved a lot of "change management" as well as location and organizational issues. The project has among other things resulted in a completely new organization in which employees from more than 25 administrative departments (a total of about 300 employees) have been reorganized to instead belong to a shared service function. During the process of its establishment, the design phase established standardized processes, employment laws and routines to be implemented in the organization. In connection with this, extensive work was conducted in the departments with the aim of strengthening them in their new role as customer instead of implementer.


The establishment of a Shared Service Centre within a large government company


PS Provider acted as project manager for the establishment of an SSC, from feasibility study and decision support to recruitment and staffing of the new organization. The project started with PS Provider going through the scope and developing a clear project definition. The work continued with a feasibility study and decision support for the establishment of the SSC. After the decision on establishment was made, the next step meant the design and development of optimal processes together with a clear service definition. During this step, extensive work was done choosing a location for the service centre, as well as anchoring changes with the employees who were affected. The project then went into a phase in which about 20 finance functions across Sweden were incorporated according to a predetermined schedule. PS Provider was involved in the whole process, ranging from the recruitment of employees and design of organization to the connection of the first units.


The development of local finance and HR functions to a shared service centre in an international consulting organization


PS Provider had a very active role within an international consulting organization's journey from local traditional finance functions to a SSC. The client operates in a market that is constantly changing and puts high demands on the ability to adapt operations based on external changes. In order to support operations in these challenges, it was important to create an administrative support organization that could not only change and grow with the rest of the organization, but could also support and facilitate the future needs of expansion. The path the client chose to meet these challenges was by forming a common Shared Service Centre. The project, which PS Provider led, resulted in an efficient service centre that took care of all financial transactions. The project included the establishment of an SSC and the initial scope was limited to include transactions. The scope for the project was also that the SSC would handle the financial management for all divisions. The project also took into account the client's international development and ensured that there were no limitations to incorporating future administration from other Nordic and eastern European countries and other subsidiaries in Europe.


A feasibility study for a group-wide shared service centre within an international forestry group


PS Provider was involved in a project to identify areas where the streamlining of the Group's financial processes could be implemented and how this could be achieved. The project started with a process mapping of all financial processes in order to: identify processes, identify gaps between the units' processes, identify interfaces between the SSC and the customer, identify significant improvement potentials and assess reception capacity. The hypothesis was that the transaction handling and closing work should be made within the framework of a SSC to the greatest possible extent. The project also developed a proposal for the demarcation per process between customer and SSC and established a draft organization for the service centre. Based on the study conducted, it was decided to go ahead and implement the changes. PS Provider also supported the client and helped with the start during the initial parts of this establishment.


The strategic development of pricing model


PS Provider has led a project within a large service company which meant a strategic review of how the client priced and performed their administrative services. The project also included the analysis and evaluation of how its customers buy administrative services from the client. The range of services was wide and relatively complex and was a major supplier to its customers. PS provider helped the client to establish a better control and internal responsibility for the consumption of services, budget and outcome. Furthermore, PS Provider supported the strategic development of the purchaser role so that the potential and value as a supplier and partner could be realised. Development of the purchaser role meant, among other things:


  • Improved cost awareness and responsibility among purchasers in the organization
  • Clarified purchaser role by categorizing different types of purchasers
  • Understanding how to maximize the value of services ordered
  • Understanding / awareness of what drives costs


Strategic Development Shared Service Centre


PS Provider worked on a very large project on behalf of a Scandinavian food organization to develop their Shared Service Centre, among other things by designing and implementing a completely new organization. Part of this work was to establish a corporate staff function for the SSC called Business Development Team. This unit was tasked to focus on the strategic development of the SSC organization and to design and implement a strategic monitoring system in different dimensions. In addition to establishing this department, PS Provider had the operational responsibility to manage the unit during a start-up period (about 6 months), while recruiting a manager . During this period PS Provider led and ran all strategic development initiatives and was responsible for the introduction of a monitoring system that, among other things, included time reporting and a range of other measures and KPIs. During this period, PS Provider was part of the management team of SSC and was involved in a series of strategic decisions and executions. This work also involved extensive contact with a range of other stakeholders such as the CFO, finance managers of the respective subsidiaries and controllers.


The establishment of a recruitment centre


PS Provider led the establishment of one of Sweden's largest recruitment organizations. The starting point of the assignment was that the organization would:


  • Provide recruitment services to a defined assignment
  • Strengthen employer brand
  • Create high availability by providing the customer and job applicant "One point of entry"
  • Ensure quality in the recruitment process


The efficiency goals of the project were that: The established organization shall have sufficient skills and be able to provide successful recruitment services to clients. The delivery of services will meet customer requirements well and comply with a developed standardized recruitment process. The services provided should clearly contribute to strengthening the employer brand. Through co-ordination the recruitment process will be quality assured, professionalized and adequate management be established.


The goal of the project was to establish the recruitment services to a scheduled date through:

  • Staffing the recruitment centre within the given time frame, based on projected resource requirements
  • Establishing effective communication channels with customers
  • Getting the daily operation on the recruitment unit started within the given time frame
  • Ensuring that employees had access to adequate tools for operation


PS Provider provided process support and support for change management during the project.